We produce your corporate video and integrate it into your cutting edge website

Corporate video

The attention span of audiences is shrinking. Especially in the widely used mobile internet market everything needs to be fast. That’s why visual content is more successful than words at getting your point across. A memorable corporate video reaches a larger audience than a page of text. And a video helps get your website found in search engines. New clients see your offer, which leads to more contracts for you.
corange locations imagefilm film website seo social mediaPlease check possible locations for your production.
To allow your corporate video’s success we start with finding out what is special about your business. Based on this insight we come up with a script, the basis for the production of your video. We take care of all technical issues like camera, lights, sound and post production. We even offer special locations for more complex productions.

The following steps allow for the integration of your corporate video into your new, cutting edge website. These updates make your business effective on all different browsers and gadgets. Use our experience for your success!

Cutting edge website

The very first impression counts. That´s why your website needs to be technically up to date. And it needs to communicate your offer in an appealing way. Today, people tend to be online non stop, mostly using their smartphones. And your website is your visible flagship, seamless usability is crucial. Structured strategically behind the scenes, it will be professional, just like you and your business.
corange locations imagefilm film website seo social mediaJust one example of our locations.
As a result of our experience, we work with responsive Content Management Systems. CMS operates on all platforms and can be adapted to your own corporate design. We take care to keep the CMS technically up to date, so you can change your content without worrying about technical issues. In addition, we offer professional photo services that give your website the absolutely thrilling visual impact your business deserves. And, of course we know about legal requirements regarding your online presentation, too.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The very best website is useless if not found in the growing data jungle. Therefore, we consider which keywords help get your website listed on the first ranks of google and other search engines. We are careful to write Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from scratch. We subsequently orient your website towards keywords fitting your business. Our keyword optimized texts present your offer in the very best way. And we work on every single page and every image present on your website to improve your overall performance.
corange locations imagefilm film website seo social mediaPlease have a look at further locations.
We also register your site on web catalogues and services like google maps. This increases your traceability even further. We do everything to present your business impactfully within the vast context of the web. Because we want you to reach as many clients as possible to increase your business.

Social Media

Social media is the perfect way to increase your audience. Let others talk about you and your business. Through the creation of trust, recommendation and referral marketing is a very powerful way to be taken seriously online. In addition, your clients want to be taken seriously through personal, direct communication. Hence markets are dialogues, not one way roads. Easier then ever, small businesses have cost effective sustainable results available to them. Effects and results that are sustainably pay off in reputation, relations and new areas of expertise for your business.
corange locations imagefilm film website seo social mediaMore locations for your production.
To reach this goal we create a social media presence that fits the style of your website. Of course we keep content up to date and check all visitor’s reactions and comments providing appropriate timely engagement as your visibility grows. And we keep you informed about the most recent developments because we know you want to be aware of your client’s opinions allowing you to react with your brand in mind.


We offer a variety of locations to produce your corporate video. We´d like to send you more details like image galleries and floor plans as well as availabilty and costs. Please send us your request including production date and a short summery of your project. This facilitates booking, especially on short notice. We also offer research and location scouting to find even more specialized places for your production.
Here you will find an overview of more locations.
And in case you want to offer us a location, please feel free to send us mail, if possible with some images of your location. Thank you very much!

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