Hermes in collaboration with Mica Moca

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Hermes 2016: nature at full gallop was created at the request of Pierre-Alexis Dumas and with the artistic direction of Frederic Wake-Walker. The Hermes theme event for 2016 was a collaboration with Mica Moca and the following artists:

Artistic Direction: Fredric Wake-Walker
Assistant to the Director: Pete Cant
Stage & Costume Design: Patrick Burnier | Anna Jones
Light Design: Sylwek Luszak
Sound Design: David Shepherd
Performer & Dancer: Sofia Jernberg | Wei Meng Poon | Christine Borch | Ahmed Soura | Lani Rocillo | Etoile Chaville | Rosario Isabel Huguet Duenas (captain) | Ioannis Karalis | Moo Kim | Elia Lopez
Clowns: Adam Read (captain) | Mathew Gabrial Walsh | Tadosch Schlopsness
Musicians: Rahel Rilling | Stefan Pintev | Ayumi Anna Paul | Sara Maria Rilling | Tobias Mehling | David Adorjan | Hiroaki Aoe | Chris Dahlgren | Tjadina Wake-Walker | Sascha Friedl | Frank Pschichholz | Stuart King | Richard Koch | Johannes Lauer | Laura Robles | Jochen Arbeit
Production: Christophe Knoch | Raisa Kröger

The event took place at Parc Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Ermenonville, France on 21 July 2016

Please enjoy this trailer:


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