It’s all about attention

Social media is the perfect way to increase your audience. Let others talk about you and your business. Through the creation of trust, recommendation and referral marketing is a very powerful way to be taken seriously online. In addition, your clients want to be taken seriously through personal, direct communication. Hence markets are dialogues, not one way roads. Easier then ever, small businesses have cost effective sustainable results available to them. Effects and results that are sustainably pay off in reputation, relations and new areas of expertise for your business.

To reach this goal I create a social media presence that fits the style of your website. Of course content is kept up to date and all visitor’s reactions checked and comments provided appropriate timely engagement as your visibility grows. Even campaigns to promote your brand or event can be initiated. And I keep you informed about the most recent developments because I know you want to be aware of your client’s opinions allowing you to react with your goal in mind.

Some examples:

Mica Moca at facebook
Literatur auf der Parkbank at Instagram
Literatur auf der Parkbank at Twitter